I joined the West End Games team as an editor in 1994. Shortly thereafter, I became an editor for the AD&D core team at TSR, Inc., then made the move to Seattle to work with Wizards of the Coast. Since then, I have been an editor on AD&D, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, and D&D (various editions) projects. I have also spent some time as a managing producer for several Wizards of the Coast trading card game websites, including the Pokémon Trading Card Game. When I’m not spending my working hours wrangling text for games and marketing projects, I’m working on websites for various clients and companies. Additionally, I never stand still: I am constantly learning new things, and I thrive in a collaborative environment that allows me to change roles as needs change.

Specialities: Technical editing, fiction editing, website content creation and editing, website production, copywriting, marketing.

Technical Skills/Software/Methodologies: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, InDesign CS4 and beyond, Photoshop CS4 and beyond, HTML 5, CSS 3, C++ (beginner), Javascript (beginner), WordPress, Joomla!, enterprise CMS, agile/scrum, SDLC.

Current Professional Areas of Interest: Tabletop gaming, board games, MMOs, CRPGs, MOBAs, social networking, publishing, fiction, music, continuing education, alpha and beta testing.

Descriptive Terms: Enthusiastic, passionate, flexible, adaptable, caring, communicative, collaborative, disciplined, responsible, persistent, supportive, curious, whimsical.

Other Areas of Study: Past participant in a Stanford Web Publishing for Professionals course and ongoing education in various computer information systems courses.